About Us

As a family that found it very hard to remember our grocery bags. We also didn’t like the other “green bags” on offer from various supermarkets not mentioning any names.So when we discovered Baggu we knew we had to share the love and stock these online for Australians.

BAGGU bags were designed in New York over 10 years ago by Emily Sugihara and is now world wide brand sold in so many countries and made ethically in China.

They are lightweight compact and the standard carry 2 3 bags worth of shopping with ease. No more one trip from the car and break arms! It was love at first carry.

Did I mention that the designers at BAGGU create some of the hottest prints around, it’ll make it pretty hard to choose!

What next ..

Ending the single use plastic straws has been the next step in our attempt to make a difference to the planet. Excellent quality Stainless steel straws were next on the list. We use these straws at home and take out with us so we are ready to refuse the plastic straws and use our own. Easy to clean and will last a lifetime !

win win